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November 2017 Eclectic


It’s November at SoBA! A sense of celebration is in the air so let’s be thankful, be kind, be gracious, and let’s greet each other with a smile. Enjoy the change of season, the different colors, as the days become shorter and maybe cooler. Enjoy making your art and sharing it. Enjoy being challenged. All […]

October 2017 Eclectic


Hello, All! The first part of September, Mother Nature turned the Society of Bluffton Artists gallery’s calendar upside down again, that seems to be what happens in the Lowcountry during Hurricane Season. I hope you all are well and your property did okay despite Irma. The most important message I have for you is the […]

September 2017 Eclectic


Are Ya Ready! There are many exciting things planned the next few months at SoBA. Here’s hoping you have the creativity energy and enthusiasm to participate in all of them. My check Lists September: The garage has items for the Yard Sale September & October: Paintings ready to show November: Canvases are purchased for the12 […]

August 2017 Eclectic


Inspiration: Where to Find It Thoughts from Elisha-Rio Apilado is a Chicago based graphic designer/illustrator and studio artist whose paintings and drawings have been featured in various exhibitions. Elisha studied studio art in Dallas, TX and moved back to Chicago where she obtained a B.F.A. in Visual Communications at the IL Institute of Art. She is currently […]

Congratulations Are In Order


The Society of Bluffton Artists was voted “The Most Eclectic Art Gallery” in Bluffton Today’s Best of Bluffton contest. Congratulations! We, the artists of the Society of Bluffton Artists, achieved this together. — Gayle Miller, SoBA President   This Week at SoBA Gallery Blink and you will miss these amazing events at SoBA Monday June 5th: […]

Tra la! It’s May!


The lusty month of May! That lovely month when ev’ryone goes blissfully astray. That shocking time of year when tons of wicked little thoughts Merrily appear! It’s May! It’s May! That gorgeous holiday when ev’ry maiden prays that her lad Will be a cad! It’s mad! It’s gay! A libelous display! Those dreary vows that […]

March 2017 Eclectic

March 2017 Eclectic

Hello March! Isn’t it fabulous to spend winter in the Lowcountry?  Many of us spent the majority of our lives somewhere else in this country and may have experienced far too many icy, snowy, cold winters. The warm, beautiful sunny weather in January and February are such a joy. You can do Plein Air Painting […]

The Eclectic February 2017


In February we celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s the commercial opportunity to send and share momentous of affection. As artists, we have the opportunity to share love and beauty every time we touch our paint brush full of color to canvas or paper. We bring out something we feel, our dreams, our sense of motion, our […]