Abstract Art with Missy Gentile


Instructor Missy Gentile
9-12 Saturday Mornings in February (3, 10, 17, 24) • Cost: $120 members, $135 non-members

Missy’s ABSTRACT ART CLASS is like visual dancing with paint and musical rhythms in color. Instead of using words to create and build sentences and paragraphs, this class will demonstrate how paint becomes words…..using shape, form, pattern and texture to choreograph a visual dance on canvas using all these things combined.

Her students will be exposed to a variety of media and tools, and will create abstract paintings filled with joy, whimsy and color.

As artist Helen Frankenthaler said: “One of the first rules is no rules”! The beauty of abstract art is freedom. Her students will assign their own meaning to their work through free association, and experiencing the work for themselves and understanding it in their own way.

Former student Sharon Baker says: “What I love about Missy’s class is she encourages and inspires all types of creativity”!