Abstract/Impressionism Workshop

Rocky Shores

Instructor Art Cornell

9-3:30 p.m. April 8-9 (with a break for lunch)

Cost: $200 members, $230 non-members

This workshop is for artists who wish to explore or improve their approach to abstract art. We will look at both non-objective and figurative methods including basic elements and composition arrangements.

Subjects discussed will include minimalism, drip, impressionism, expressionism, and other aspects of abstract art such as line, color, points of focus. Students are encouraged to bring in any current work as well as examples of art work they would like to emulate. They will receive several handouts regarding abstract art, in addition to examples of my current work. The workshop will be structured to have each student accomplish at a minimum, one finished painting.

Students should have some basic knowledge of art however, if you are new to abstract/impressionism art and want to explore this medium, you are welcome.

Class limited to 10-12.