The Society of Bluffton Artists

Annual Judged Show Now Exhibiting

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The Society of Bluffton Artists recently held an awards ceremony and opening reception for the winners of the 27th Annual Judged Show at the SOBA gallery in Old Town Bluffton. The winning works of art are on exhibit through August 1st.

The judge for the show is nationally renowned artist David Rankin. Rankin’s award-winning watercolors are in public and private art collections in the U.S., India, and China, have been featured in more than 150 museum exhibitions, and are included in the North Light’s series, Splash: The Best of Watercolor, and Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing, and in numerous art magazines. View all of the winning pieces here.


Best In Show–Aegan Blue, Dennis Lake

Category 1 – Oils

  • 1st Place —Resting Spot, Jackie Nutter
  • 2nd Place —Reverie, Bill Winn
  • 3rd Place —South From Daws Island,James Cawley
  • Honorable Mention —My Happy Place, Julia Kamenskikh

Category 2 – Acrylic

  • 1st Place —Velocity, Audrey Salkind
  • 2nd Place —Morning Coffee at Cafe, Lin Hilts
  • 3rd Place —Globally Clean, Cheryl Arnold
  • Honorable Mention —Friends Forever, Wyn Foland

Category 3 – Watercolor

  • 1st Place —Three Friends, Brenda Fallon
  • 2nd Place —Blooming Again, Barbara Pecce
  • 3rd Place —The Gathering, Patricia Wilund
  • Honorable Mention —Little Ruby, Loraine Mullaney

Category 4 – Photography

  • 1st Place —Anticipation, Suzanne Fiorino
  • 2nd Place —A Bird’s Eye View, Melinda Welker
  • 3rd Place —Tranquility, Steven Higgins
  • Honorable Mention —Chechessee Storm, Ed Kelly
  • Honorable Mention — Reflections of Connections, Jo Paduch
  • Honorable Mention — Cool Contemplation, Savannah Kemper

Category 5 – Mixed Media

  • 1st Place —Hanami, Tamara Garvey
  • 2nd Place —Bucket Full of Blues, Joan McKeever
  • 3rd Place —Believe in Spring, Donna Varner
  • Honorable Mention —Guardian Angel, Pam Davis

Category 6 – Other Media

  • 1st Place —Unconsidered Trifles: Dispensary Bottles, Kara Artman
  • 2nd Place —Pride, Mary Burrell
  • 3rd Place —On the Road to Hanna, Pat Diemand

View All Winning Pieces Here