Holiday Market Nov. 13-Dec. 23

Holiday Market
November 12 – December 23

Unique handcrafted gifts and decor for sale
from Nov. 13-Dec. 23 at the SOBA Art Gallery
Artists of the Society of Bluffton Artists (SOBA) are creating original, one-of-a-kind handmade gifts for their Holiday Market, which runs from Nov. 13 through Dec. 23 in the featured artist room at the gallery in Old Town Bluffton.
The SOBA Holiday Market offers the community a unique place to shop for the holidays with hundreds of hand-created works by local artists — including wreaths, small paintings, holiday decor and other gift items.
“The Holiday Market is a SOBA wintertime tradition — perfect for those shoppers looking for something unique this holiday season,” said Marie Burgeson, SOBA’s president.
The boutique is open from Nov. 13-Dec. 23. The SOBA gallery hours of operation are from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday and from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Sundays.

Large Art

SOBA Large Art Exhibit

October 29th – November 11th

2 Weeks Only – Extra Large Sized Art

Looking for a special painting or Fine Art Photograph for that empty space?

We have it – artwork larger than 36” by 40” created for you by your favorite local Lowcountry artists.


10 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon-Sat
11 a.m.-3 p.m. Sun

Art on the Porch and the Lawn

Art in The Park

The Society of Bluffton Artists
has so many fun events for the Fall.

Visit us in Old Town Bluffton in the middle of the Art District.

POP UP ART on the street, on gallery porches, and in Martin Park –
temporary art displays join the many galleries to highlight the artistic and cultural side of Bluffton.

A celebration of exceptional handmade, original local art including oil and acrylic paintings, pottery and much, much more.

Margi Smith – “Wonder Filled Wanderings”

Monday October 2, 2023 – Sunday October 29, 2023

Opening Reception, meet the artist October 3rd at the gallery from 5-7pm
Event open to the public

“Painting is an intuitive process for me. Color and form appear and take shape as the process unfolds. Being unafraid of the messy middle allows the painting to take on a life of its  own, living on in the canvas, telling the story again in new ways to its viewers.” 

“My inspiration is to make the world a happier place by adding color and forms that shape nature’s beauty, and making thought provoking pieces to wake up the senses and dust off the dread and negativity in the world and the freedom to play with paint!”

My  Techniques

I start with acrylic paints and just keep layering by using many different tools to apply the paint. I have been known to grab oil pastels, pencils, hardware tools, water bottles, string, scrapers, pretty much anything that makes an interesting mark, to get the painting to make the statement I am trying to convey.


I am inspired by the magic moments that happen in nature, with the movement of applied paint, when we don’t even notice until we step back and really look, allowing ourselves to understand the seen and unseen. Those are the moments that sparkle with enchantment; when we stop and see what is in front of us. I explore the journey of the environment around me that I call home and the magic that a place or time brings- a recognition of beauty amidst chaos. The shared moments with people and places I love that define my life’s experience. My goal is to enjoy the journey and bring that joy onto the canvas. To be patient and build upon the layers. The surface telling one story and the layers bringing in the history of the place and feelings they emit.

If I can bring joy to a canvas and have someone experience their own sense of joy, playfulness or whatever is going on with them at that moment, I have captured the moment and got the viewer to feel something inside. To see within while looking without. It’s an internal journey, once explored will forever change you.

Sometimes we look, but it takes time for us to see. I like to challenge my viewer to feel something deep inside themselves each time they look at the piece. By capturing moments of beauty through art, my goal is to bring joy into every space through expressive abstraction.

Painting is an intuitive process for me. Color and form appear and take shape as the process unfolds. My work takes on a history and story that is told and shared through the many layers of paint and marks made. Being unafraid of the “Messy Middle’ allows my paintings to take on a life of their own. Each piece reflects my mood and the feeling I wanted to express at the time; living on the canvas and telling a different story, a very personal story to those who spend time with each work.

Many of the pieces in the series are influenced by my walks through beautiful country roads with dear friends. I hope to reflect the love of friendship, the bonds of shared roots and the beauty of nature.

You can also find my work by following me on Instagram; @MargiSmithArtWorks or going to my website;

Margi has a minor in studio art from Skidmore College, attended Squam Art Workshops and online classes to find her creative tribe. She has a studio in Topsfield, MA and in Bluffton, SC.  Margi has been an exhibiting member of SOBA Gallery in Bluffton since 2021  where she currently shows and sells her work.

Large Art Event

Show from July 30th – August 6th

Five artists in a Special Event

Bill Winn – “A Carolina Morning”

Jeanine Potter – “Listen to the Silence”

Joy Lillith Herman – “Mystical Waters”

Anthony Collichio – “Red Sky at Night Sailor’s Delight”

Norma Deal – “When Mermaids Sing”

Jean Macaluso Presents Of Water: Aquascapes photography

The SOBA Featured Art Exhibit Will Run Sept. 5th – Oct. 1st
with an opening reception from 5-7 p.m. Sept. 14th 

This body of work is about the calming properties of water as a natural power. The beauty and majesty that surrounds its many forms have made it a symbol of healing and power for cultures around the world. Whether in oceans, lakes, rivers, or bays, water provides endless opportunities to realize the mystical nature of these aquascapes.

Through these images, I hope to provide you with the opportunity to ponder what water means to you. Whether as a symbol of hope and healing, or one of beauty and change, we cannot deny the impact that water had, has, and will have on our lives. Art gifts us with a chance to review things that we tend to gloss over as we go about our day. It is my desire that my artwork is that chance to discover your own meaning in what is so often overlooked.

Jean graduated from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with a degree in Art and Art History. She has a passion for photography with a special interest in the black and white process both traditional and digital. Other interests include painting, wheel thrown pottery, hand-built pottery, and clay sculpture. Her artwork can be found in the United States, France, and the Netherlands in collegiate, private collections and doctor’s offices.

As a Fine Art Photographer Jean uses many different cameras, from old or “toy” cameras to digital ones, to produce her images. She uses modern technology to print them digitally. Using this hybrid method allows her to use old methods to capture the image and modern technology to print it. Together this produces the look and feel that appeals to her aesthetically in black and white.

Working in color Jean captures nature’s essence by presenting visual beauty through a still moment in time providing the viewer with a simple, vivid, and direct experience. 

Jean recently relocated to the Low Country with her husband and Golden Retriever Mylie.

Haldora Presents “Myriad of Visual Expressions”

The SOBA Featured Art Exhibit Will Run Aug 7 – September 3
with an opening reception from 5-7 p.m. August 10

“Art is an intuitive part of my life that feeds my soul”.

Haldora is a contemporary artist. Her love for nature and old-world antiquities inspires her art from a raw childlike vision, impressionism, and abstract.

“Creating is my passion, it’s in my art, my designs, and my vision. It floats in my mind ‘s inner world and dreams as it melts into my daily life. Colors and textures inspire my visual sensitivities as I allow my intuition to guide me. I look for beauty in imperfections, appreciate primitive culture and the simplicity of style.”

Haldora’s lifetime spent exploring art visually filters into a creative lifestyle. Her visionary sense and passion to create manifests in an eclectic style. across different mediums.

Self-taught, she has explored various forms of artist expression Including, fiber arts, fashion design, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, and oils. Her current focus is on oils and occasionally acrylics.

Haldora’s Icelandic and European heritage and family craftsmanship helped mold her vision, which inspired her attention to detail that set her standards high. “My grandmother was an impeccable seamstress, my grandfather a precise woodworker, father an accomplished builder and mother a wildly imaginative painter.

Semi-retired since 2021 from a career in fashion design, retail, and merchandising she relocated from Rhinebeck, New York to the Low Country of South Carolina. She still creates her signature, sought after “Orchard Shirt”, minimalist and classic, with timeless sophistication, featured, with her paintings on her website

Haldora has taken open studio groups at the Woodstock School of Art in Woodstock, NY and Soba Gallery in Bluffton, SC. She has studied with Dan Graziani, Mary Ann Browning Ford, Missy Gentile and others.

She is the featured artist at Soba Gallery August 2023.
She is an exhibiting member of the Art League of Hilton Head.
She is also featured in the artisan gallery 100 Main owned by world renowned decorator Bunny Williams in Falls Village, Ct.

Virginia Cassidy Presents “From My Imagination to Yours”

The SOBA Featured Art Exhibit Will Run July 3-30
with an opening reception from 5-7 p.m. July 6

Virginia Cassidy wants to capture the imagination of her audience just as the canvas has captured her imagination. 

“Everything I do comes from what I see in my head — colors, shapes, imaginary scenes. No reference photos,” Cassidy said. “I let my intuition guide me, often taking me in directions that I don’t expect. Every blank canvas holds the promise of a new adventure.”

“From My Imagination to Yours” will exhibit from July 3-30 at The Society of Bluffton Artists gallery in Old Town Bluffton. An opening reception will take place from 5-7 p.m. July 6 at the gallery. These events are free and open to the public.

Cassidy works primarily from her Bluffton-based home studio. She began painting in earnest when she retired from her career as a business consultant in 2019. Her primary medium is acrylic, occasionally incorporating other items into her art to create mixed media pieces. 

“I love to experiment and combine different styles, techniques and tools. As you view my art, I encourage you to use your own imagination to interpret what you see.  Transport yourself into my idealized world of color, beauty and wonder.”

Cassidy is an exhibiting member of The Society of Bluffton Artists and the Art League of Hilton Head.  For more information, visit

While she is partial to subjects such as trees, flowers and landscapes, her work also includes non-representational abstract paintings that focus on the use of color, shape, and texture.

Savannah Kemper Presents “Colors of the World” Photography Exhibition 

The SOBA Featured Art Exhibit Will Run June 5-July 2
with an opening reception from 5-7 p.m. June 7

Savannah Kemper’s upcoming photography exhibit captures the unique colors and textures from her travels. “Colors of the World” will exhibit from June 5-July 2 at The Society of Bluffton Artists gallery in Old Town Bluffton. An opening reception will take place from 5-7 p.m. June 7 at the gallery. These events are free and open to the public.

Kemper is a self-described opportunistic photographer who does not seek out her subjects, but instead scenes that stand out to her. She credits her photography style to her family’s travels early in her life and their encouragement to see beauty in the world. Many of the photos from her exhibit reflect her unique take on nature scenes as well as interesting architecture in bustling cities.

“Since my father grew up on a ranch in Texas, he was very in tune with nature and I think he definitely instilled that love and appreciation for the outdoors in me,” Kemper said. “I grew up being taught how significant the world outside our homes was and that’s why I find my work more often reflecting my travels rather than where I live because whenever I travel somewhere I’m always trying to take in all the details.”

Kemper exclusively prints on aluminum and acrylic which maintain clarity and sharpness to show the fine details of her work. While she likes the modern feel that aluminum and acrylic affords, she doesn’t use photo editing software to overly edit her work as we often see today. She only edits to reflect what her eye saw through the camera lens.

Kemper is in her final year at Clemson University, majoring in international business and Italian. She heads to Florence for a study abroad in the spring which will be more opportunity for for discovering treasured photos. She has been exhibiting her photography at The SOBA gallery for 3 years and won first place in the photography category of SOBA’s 28th Annual Judged Show. 

For more information, visit or follow Savannah on Instagram at @apropos_photography.