July — A Note From Gayle

A Note from Gayle

So, I’m on board for a second year as the President of the Society of Bluffton Artists. My first year as SoBA’s president was exciting, demanding, sometimes I laughed other times I shook my head at our craziness. But, in review we had a very good year so let’s plan and execute an even better year for 2017- 18.

If you have ideas for classes, events or shows that you think would work well at SoBA share your ideas. We are a member gallery. If you’d like to teach a fun, intro class in the medium of your choice let us know.

— Gayle Miller, SoBA President

Stephen Moscowitz presents
“Birds and Other Stuff”
at Society of Bluffton Artists in July

Stephen Moscowitz will exhibit “Birds and Other Stuff” from July 3-August 5th at the Society of Bluffton Artists (SoBA) gallery, located at 6 Church Street. Come meet the artist at the opening reception at 5 p.m. Friday, July 7th at the gallery. His exhibit will feature acrylic paintings of wild life, real life and still life.

Moscowitz is a lifelong artist who studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Art and Design. He earned wide recognition as an illustrator for several years until he moved on to creating fine art with wildlife. He derives inspiration from birds of the Lowcountry, as well as still life and landscape painting.

“When I moved to the Lowcountry, I discovered the world of birds,” Stephen said. “Herons and egrets of all sizes and colors. In the Lowcountry, these birds are everywhere — even in my backyard. So, I have taken and borrowed photos of birds eating, swimming, wading and flying. Using photos as reference gives my birds proper stature and realistic features”

Highlights of 2016-2017

Fall Yard Sale — $1450

12 x 12 Show

Holiday Boutique

New Exterior Building Colors

Art & Wine Event $7,200

Judged Show


Experimental Artist Group

Side by Side Show

11 Featured Artist Shows

Fabulous Monthly Shows

Growing Membership

Big Expansions in Social Media

Workshops & Classes

How Nature Can Improve Your Health

(Provided by [email protected])

The ‘Art’ Of Nature Viewing

Why is it that viewing a painting that depicts nature scenery soothes our nerves and has a calming influence on us? Most people will agree that putting up paintings of beautiful landscapes at home or in the workplace relaxes the nerves and soothes the senses.

There is nothing that works better to calm our jittered nerves than gazing at such scenery. Unfortunately, many don’t have the time to appreciate the natural world around us. Yet, when we look at a piece of art that depicts a natural landscape, our mind registers a heightened admiration for the beauty of our surroundings.

Emotional Connect

The benefits of viewing nature scenes for our emotional life are manifold. Looking at works of art that depict nature help us form an emotional connect with the environment. This is not only captivating to the senses, but also has a soothing and calming affect on the body. Certain research studies show that looking at nature paintings triggers a variety of emotional responses from people. In particular, nature viewing can help people to get mentally in touch with their past happy experiences, while remembering and reliving the happy times of their lives.

The Colors Of Nature

Art that depicts nature is always filled with a range of endless colors that make up the world around us. Colors have a magical effect on the human mind. The variety of shades and tones we are exposed to when we view art, fills our mind with happiness and the vivid imagery of the beautiful nature around us.

There Is Also A Science Behind It!

A study published in the journal NEJM shows that social and environmental factors account for 20% of the factors that influence longevity, while healthcare services account for just 10%. A research study published in the journal American Scientist on the effect of visual scenery on the activity of the brain, shows that viewing natural scenes triggers an increase in the interactions of the receptors in the visual cortex, resulting in a happy and pleasurable experience.

Incorporating nature viewing in our everyday life has a profound impact both on our physical and mental health. By simply putting artistic works that depict nature on the walls at home or in the workplace, this can make all the difference to our overall health and happiness.

Featured Art Calendar for 2017

July 3 – August 6 Stephen Moscowitz

Reception 5-7 pm Friday July 7

August 7 – Sept 3 Nicholas Di Mona

Reception 5-7 pm Friday, August 11

Sept 5 (Tues) – Oct 1 Norma Deal

Reception 5-7 pm Friday, September 8

Oct 2 – Nov 5 Pat Diemand

Reception 3-5 pm Friday, October 6

November 6 – December 3 Elizabeth Slater

Reception 3-5 pm Friday, November 10

December 4 – December 31 Larry Hughes

Reception 3-5 pm Friday, December 8

Featured Art Calendar for 2018

January: Open

February: Joan Wykis

March: Judged Show

April: Chappy Bailey

May: Bill Bogle

June: Pam Davis

July: Side by Side

August: Open

September: Lori Wilson

October: Open

November Open

December: Marianne Stillwagon

Make your Featured Artists plans for next year now. Contact Gayle Miller!

Upcoming Classes

Society of Bluffton Artists (SoBA) Workshop Schedule

SOBA’s workshops offer the opportunity to learn a variety of art skills as taught by some of the region’s leading artists, and will provide attendees the opportunity to nurture, and foster, their love of art. Each workshop will be held at the SOBA Center for Creative Arts, located next door to the SOBA Gallery at 8 Church Street in Bluffton. All SOBA workshops are led by established artists, and include instruction and hands-on demonstrations.

August 4, 12, 19 & 26 9 am – 12 pm
Missy Gentile
Abstract Art

TUTTI COLORI — The subject is developing our sense of sight to really be able to see color, to let go on a canvas and, working with paint and colors and letting go of fear and instead find “flow.” The goal is for each student to be thrilled in all of their senses, not just visually, but sensually and intellectually.
Cost: $90 members, $105 non-members
Learn more here.

July 26-28; 9:30 am-12:30pm
Mary Segars
Oil Painting
Landscapes, Animals & Figures. This class is not for beginners. Daily demonstrations, plus discussions on composition, shapes and painting techniques.
Cost: $175 members, $200 non-members
Learn more here.

September 25-26
Pastel in 10 Easy Steps
Eve Miller, PSA, PSC, AAPL

Limit to 12 students. We will concentrate on landscapes – composition concepts to underpainting techniques on day 1. Daily demos. Day 2 – incrementally hard to soft pastels to complete a painting or two.
Cost $175, member and $190, non-members
Learn more here.

Saturday, September 30th; 9 am-4 pm
Andrea Smith
Social Media 101 for Artists
Social media is changing how people buy art— and it’s here to stay. Learn how to use social media to promote yourself and your work as an artist. This class will cover the basics of utilizing common social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and provide helpful tips to help increase your visibility and online presence as an artist. Andrea Smith is a graphic designer and artist by trade and resides in Bluffton and, is a member of SOBA. Andrea is an award-winning creative professional, recognized for strengths in strategic thinking, tactical planning and design. Students should bring a laptop or tablet. It will be helpful if you are register on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so that you are familiar with the platforms.
Cost $99, member and $125, non-members
Learn more here.

9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. October 13-14
In the Abstract Mood
Vickie Jourdan

Daily demos, critiquing and moxed media. Come and paint with Vickie and get out of your comfort zone.
Cost $130, member and $145, non-members
Learn more here.

October 24, 25, 26
Chris Groves
Oil Painting
Skyscapes Over your Landscapes. We will cover how to convincingly paint a variety of types of clouds. From drawing to paint application. Working with simple value, limited temperature, and edges to form clouds of all sizes and shapes. Class will also cover how to form strong compositions with your clouds over different types of landscapes (Marsh, seascapes, etc), and how to tie them together to finish your paintings.
Learn more here.

November 1-3 9:30 am-4pm
Falling into Watercolor
Michael B. Pearson

There will be daily demonstrations and lots of individual help. Michael has been a full time watercolor painter for 37+ years. This class will be open to all levels but some previous experience with watercolor would be helpful although not required. Join in the fun!
Cost $350, member and $375, non-members
Learn more here.

Reservations must be made in advance for each workshop. For more details or to register, please visit www.sobagallery.com. Questions (843)-247-2868

Gallery Stats
SoBA Monthly Statistics for May 2017

Gallery Visitors: 2,126

Gallery Register: 425 US (Alaska), Canada, Germany

Art Sales Revenue: $6,083

Class/Workshop Revenue: $6,695

Other Income: $100

Number of Pieces of Art on Display: 98 Plus Featured Artist

Number of Pieces of Art Sold: 32 Featured Artist 20

Number of Artists that Sold Art: 23

SoBA Membership: 214 Display 143

Society of Bluffton Artists 2017-18
Officers, Board of Directors & Managers:

President: Gayle Miller; Mobile: 309.883.1019; [email protected]

Vice President: Nancy Vineburgh; Mobile: 617.910.7231;
Home: 843.757.0760; [email protected]

Treasurer: George Weber; Mobile: 773.456.8949; Home: 843.706.2207; [email protected]

Recording Secretary: Mary Ann Putzier; Home: 843.705.5443; [email protected]

Corresponding Secretary: Sandy Rhodes; Mobile: 803.943.8749; [email protected]

Board Member: Marian E. Sanders; Mobile: 404. 229.6215; [email protected]

Board Member: Barbara Pecce; Mobile 843 338-2173; [email protected]

Board Member: Stephen Moscowitz; Mobile: 843.540-3960; Home: 843.757.4351; [email protected]

Board Member: Larry Hughes; Mobile: 843.384.1658; Home: 843.836.3134; [email protected]

Education/CCA: Sandra Wenig; Mobile: 843.247-2868; Home: 843.342.9642; [email protected]

Display Manager: Jeanne McKenna; Mobile: 843.540.0122; Home: 843.707.1314; [email protected]

Staffing Manager: Lin Hilts; Mobile: 843.705.5698; Home: 508.864.8431; [email protected]

Membership: Chappy Bailey; Mobile: 774.313.9467; Home: 843-706-9467; [email protected]