March 2017 Eclectic

Hello March!

Isn’t it fabulous to spend winter in the Lowcountry?  Many of us spent the majority of our lives somewhere else in this country and may have experienced far too many icy, snowy, cold winters. The warm, beautiful sunny weather in January and February are such a joy. You can do Plein Air Painting almost all year round. Aren’t we luck.

SoBA’s first two months of 2017 were filled with beauty and sunshine because of the wonderful featured artists shows of Nancy Vineburgh and Edith Wood. SoBA’s connections to the community expanded because of increase outreach via Facebook. SoBA’s educational arm benefited because of the Fine Art & Fine Wine event. SoBA’s membership grew the first two months of 2017. The talent and involvement of the SoBA members is key to the continued growth of SoBA.

Sing the praises of SoBA far and wide, because SoBA “Celebrates Creativity in the Community”.

Gayle Miller
Society of Bluffton Artists, President

Featured Artist:
Christy McEvilly presents “Coastal Colors”
Show runs from March 6 through April 2
Wine, Cheese & Art from 5-7 p.m. Friday, March 10

Christy McEvilly is passionate about color. She finds the luminous transparency of watercolor to be an excellent vehicle for portraying vibrant color. A lifelong artist and art history enthusiast, McEvilly has spent the past 10 years exploring and experimenting with this challenging, fluid medium.

“I feel compelled to capture the radiant light, reflections, shadows, colors, forms, and ever changing atmosphere of the coastal areas where I live,” McEvilly said of the “Coastal Colors” show. “I am struck by awe-inspiring landscapes that surround me and those new ones I discover when hiking or traveling.”

McEvilly has studios in Bluffton and in Lewes, DE, her home state. Her work almost always begins outdoors where she pursues an endless variety of subjects, looking for interesting effects of light and form. She begins with photographs, sketches, studies of value and color, and many notes.

“Finding the heart and soul of a place or subject is what I strive to reflect in my work,” she said.

She has studied with and been inspired by nationally known watercolorists and spent 5 years in the Brandywine Valley studio of her mentor, internationally known Sarah Yeoman, a signature member of the American Watercolor Society. She has also studied with American watercolorists Ken Hosmer, Julie Pollard, John Bayalis, and Susan Avis-Murphy.

Her formal training in the arts included studio art classes at Centenary College, the University of Texas, the New York School of Interior Design, and the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA. McEvilly has worked in many mediums including oils, acrylics, printmaking, and various drawing mediums.

McEvilly’s work has been exhibited at juried shows and galleries throughout Delaware and Pennsylvania. She is a Signature member of the Delaware Watercolor Society as well as a member of the American Watercolor Society, the Southern Watercolor Society, and the Georgia Watercolor Society. In South Carolina, Christy shows her work at the Society of Bluffton Artists, the Art League of Hilton Head, and the Art Association of Beaufort.

The SOBA gallery is open from 10 – 5 Monday – Saturday and Sunday 11:30 – 3. It is located at the corner of Calhoun and Church Streets in Old Town Bluffton. For further information, visit sobagallery.com or call 843-757-6586.


My Job at SoBA
Lin Hilts Staffing Coordinator

As a new member of the SoBA Board, I am highly qualified to fill the position of Staffing Coordinator.  My credentials include herding cats, having an eagle eye, being a worker bee, running around with like a chicken with my head cut off, and needing 8 arms like an octopus to complete a task.  All of these qualifications from this menagerie are necessary to keep the schedule full and complete throughout the month. Let me explain:My responsibility includes filling the schedule with the names of the people who are hanging their artwork from the first day of change of show through the next change of show – usually the first Monday of each month. This is sometimes likened to herding cats as felines have a mind of their own.  Another part of my job is to watch and be alert to names coming off the schedule because of emergencies or last minute changes to the staffers’ personal schedule.  For this I must have and eagle eye and that includes the eye of the camera as I take photos of the calendar throughout the month to keep a current calendar at home if changes occur.

When changes do occur, the daily log needs to be edited.  The day a person staffs the gallery one of their duties is to call the next days’ staffers as a reminder of their commitment to staff the gallery. If changes are needed the daily log must be changed so the right person is being called.

Change of show happens the first Monday of each month (unless the Monday is a Holiday).  All members wishing to hang their artwork bring their piece or pieces to the Center for Creative Arts to be logged in for hanging.  Each individual chooses a time that works with their personal schedule for a half day for each piece of work to staff the gallery.  After the artist has chosen a time to work and the artwork is logged in the pieces of art are staged in the gallery for hanging and placement. Prior to the staging of the new artwork coming in, the previous artwork is removed and placed in the CCA building for pickup.  The Gallery and the CCA are crawling with worker bees – moving and placing and hanging and patching and picking up and logging in and generally running around like chickens with our heads cut off and then the magic happens all within a day! It’s done – it’s beautiful – it’s Magic!  Then the menagerie of my world starts all over again the next month!

Featured Art Calendar for 2017

March 6 – April 2   Christy McEvilly

April 4 – 30   Member Judged Show

May 1 – June 4   Kendra Natter

June 5 – July 2   Open

July 3 – August 6   Stephen Moscowitz

August 7 – September 3   Nicholas Di Mona

September 5 (Tues) – October 1   Norma Deal

October 2 – November 5   Linda Nickles

November 6 – December 3   Pat Diemand

December 4 – 31  Elizabeth Slater

If you are interested in being a featured artist, and fit the criteria outlined in the President’s letter in the September Eclectic, please contact Sandy Rhodes at [email protected]

Upcoming Classes 

Society of Bluffton Artists (SoBA) Workshop Schedule

SOBA’s workshops offer the opportunity to learn a variety of art skills as taught by some of the region’s leading artists, and will provide attendees the opportunity to nurture, and foster, their love of art. Each workshop will be held at the SOBA Center for Creative Arts, located next door to the SOBA Gallery at 8 Church Street in Bluffton. All SOBA workshops are led by established artists, and include instruction and hands-on demonstrations.

February 7- April 4 10am-1pm
Dennis Lake 
Open Painting 
Paint for 1 hour, 2 or r, or 4, your choice! A friendly and loosely structured class. All mediums welcome.
Cost: $240 members; $260 Non-members
Learn more here.

March 2-3; 9 am – 3 pm 
Bill Farnsworth
Oil Painting Studio Workshop 
Students will learn the importance of the principals of painting and how they can achieve believable paintings full of light. Demos every morning and a step by step of how to build a painting. Learn how to get the most out of your photographs in a studio environment.
Cost: $325 members; $350 Non-members
Learn more here.

March 15-17
Michael B. Pearson 
Watercolor Batik
For the intermediate/advanced painter to get out of your comfort zone and learn an exciting new technique. We will use Japanese Masa paper to achieve a batik look in watercolor. It’s fun and challenging and will open your senses to a whole new way to paint. Kit includes: 1 sheet Masa paper, Strathmore mounting board, glue, and gluing brush. ($15 purchase from instructor) Cost: $210 members; $225 non-members
Learn more here.
March 29-31; 9 am-4 pm
Linda Benton McCloskey
Cold Wax & Oil Painting 
Explore the innovative way to use oil paint – You will learn everything about painting with cold wax – from the very basic to the more advanced techniques by using oil paint or dry pigment. Everyday offers many demonstrations on the many ways to apply the cold wax using various tools, plus lots of personal attention and critique. Cold wax is very similar to encaustic but WITHOUT THE FUMES and HEAT!  Beginner to advanced. A Fun Class is Guaranteed.
Cost: $300 members; $325 Non-members
Learn more here.

April 4-5-6
Peggy Root
Plein Air Landscapes
Peggy Root is a nationally renowned plein-air landscape artist. She is also our judge for the “23rd Annual Judged Show” in April.
Members: $350; Non-Members: $375
Learn more here.

May 10-11-12
Michael Story
Oil Painting
The workshop begins with an I-Pad step-by-step presentation showing a progression of Michael’s painting techniques from start to finish. You’ll begin your painting with an initial charcoal drawing, followed by a color wash applied over the image. Starting with shadow colors, you’ll begin blocking in your painting, then progressing dark to light to completion. Building final layers of color and avoiding muddy mixtures, you’ll achieve fresh, bright color while capturing depth, drama and mood to your work.
Learn more here.

May 23-25; 9 am – 4 pm 
Dee Beard Dean
Taking Plein Air into the Studio (Interpreting from Photographs)  
This workshop is geared toward intermediate and advanced artists who are striving to bring their work up to a new level. Artists will receive challenging group and individualized instruction in studio painting. Dee will observe the artists’ works and help them to improve rather than change their individual styles.
Cost: $350 members; $375 Non-members
Learn more here.

October 24, 25, 26
Chris Groves
Oil Painting
Skyscapes Over your Landscapes. We will cover how to convincingly paint a variety of types of clouds. From drawing to paint application. Working with simple value, limited temperature, and edges to form clouds of all sizes and shapes. Class will also cover how to form strong compositions with your clouds over different types of landscapes (Marsh, seascapes, etc), and how to tie them together to finish your paintings.
Learn more here.

More upcoming:

June 6th, 7th, and 9th; 9:30am – 12:30pm
Dennis Lake
Drawing for Painters 

June 27th, 28th and 29th; 9:30am – 12:30pm
Dennis Lake
Perspective Drawing for Artists

July 26th, 27th, 28th
Mary Segars
Oil Painting Refresher

Reservations must be made in advance for each workshop. For more details or to register, please visit www.sobagallery.com.  Questions (843)-247-2868



Reminder from Display Committee:

SoBA is a professional Gallery. PLEASE make sure your frames are in good condition – front and back. Refer to your Guidelines for correct measurements.

J V McKenna, Display Manager

2017-2018 SoBA Board of Directors:

Gayle Miller, President
Nancy Vineburgh, Vice President
Mary Ann Putzier, Recording Secretary
Barbara Fiscarel, Treasurer
Bonnie Riley, Gallery Manager
Chappy Bailey, Membership Chair
Sandy Rhodes, Corresponding Secretary
Jeanne McKenna, Display Manager
Marian Sanders, Member at Large
Steve Moscowitz, Member at Large
Pat Gardiner, Membership at Large
Lin Hilts, Staffing Chair
Sandra Wenig, Center for Creative Arts
Mary Ann Putzier, Center for Creative Arts
Stephanie Putich, Newsletter Editor
Norma Deal, Satellite Galleries
Edith Wood, Art Walks
Mary Kay Long, Art Walks
Gaylon Rex Greger, 3D Committee