SOBA Artist Member Guidelines

SoBA Display Guidelines

Download a copy of SOBA Display Guidelines
  • Members who have paid their “exhibiting fee” for the year may display one painting or photo and one or two minis.
  • Two paintings or photos a month only when the Board approves the month.
  • 9-11 am change of show hours for drop off and pickup.
  • All work must be for sale.
  • Each artist must work one half day, during the show period, for one painting or photo on display… or pay a $200 no sitting fee. (Only 10 no sitting spots available in a membership year.)
  • All items being displayed must be original and handcrafted.
  • Art must NOT have been exhibited at SoBA within the last 6 months.
  • Exhibiting artists should provide an artist’s Biography to be placed in the “Artists Profile” binder.

Display Criteria for Art and Photography

In order to hang on gallery walls, the following size limits must be followed.

  • Maximum size is 36 x 40”
  • Minimum size is 8 X 10”
  • Smaller size work (Minis) will be displayed on our shelves. (Easels will not affect size)
  • Maximum size for Minis is 8 x 8” and must have a SoBA form on back with DATE placed.
  • One or two Minis for two months is permitted and requires one half day of sitting.
  • If Mini is SOLD during the 2 month period…. new Mini placed must have Form and new DATE.
  • All art and photography must be professionally presented, clean and properly framed. The top, bottom and sides of Gallery Wrapped Canvas must be finished and painted to compliment the painting.
  • Depth of Gallery Wrapped Canvas must be at least 1 1/4” deep.
  • A professional appearance is imperative.
  • All art must have picture hanging wire. Saw tooth hangers or devices are not allowed.
  • Bumpers may be included especially on minis and placed on back corners.

SOBA reserves the right to judge whether art is appropriate for display and meets the Gallery Display Guidelines.

Bin Art

Bin art is limited to five pieces and should be replaced every four months.

All reproductions, including hand colored reproductions of pen/ink drawings, must be identified on the mounting board. The term “reproduction” should be clearly indicated.

Do NOT use the term “Giclee” as most customers do not recognize that this is a printing process. The term “print” should be reserved for the printmaking category (mono prints/relief/intaglio/screen).

Both limited and open editions reproductions are allowed but each member can include no more than one copy of the same reproduction simultaneously in the bins.

  • All bin artwork should be “signed in” in the Bin Art Notebook in the credenza.
  • Fill out labels completely which are in the Bin Art Notebook and secure to the back of the artwork.
  • All artwork must be matted, backed with foam core and wrapped with a clear protective plastic.
  • New larger Bin available for Maximum overall size of 20 x 26”.

Guidelines for Three Dimensional Art

  • All 3D art must be created solely by the artist.
  • The work of new members submitting 3D art will be juried.
  • Any three dimensional artwork (ceramic / sculpture /wood / glass) that will be featured on our pedestals must have a maximum base dimension 12” x 12” and maximum height of 24”.
  • Larger sculptures will be juried and if accepted, must stand on the floor or on a pedestal furnished by the artist.
  • Ceramic and glass art works must be inspected for chips or cracks before being displayed. All 3D work must be free of sharp or excessively pointed edges and must be able to stand securely without additional support.
  • Three dimensional artists may display up to 4 items.
  • Three dimensional pieces may stay on display for up to 4 months.

Guidelines for Jewelry

  • Like all other art in the gallery, jewelry must be original and handcrafted by the artist. It needs to be professional in style and appearance.
  • New jewelers will be juried before acceptance.
  • It must be placed in the glass case with appropriate stands and tags. ~Tags must be printed and of uniform size for artistic appearance.
  • There is a limit of 9 pieces per jeweler
  • Sitting obligation is one half day per month

Guidelines for Display of Minatures

  • A member who has paid the exhibiting fee may display up to TWO miniatures.
  • ONE or TWO Miniatures may remain for TWO months
  • Miniatures must be placed monthly at changeover.
  • No three dimensional works will be considered.
  • Miniatures will be displayed on shelves.
  • Sitting obligation for only Minis (one or two) is one half day per month.
  • Please refer to gallery sitting guidelines

Gallery Sitting Obligations

One half day per unit as described below

  • Each framed or gallery wrapped artwork.
  • Three dimensional art. (clay, wood, glass or metal).
  • One half day each month you have items on display

Miniature paintings as follows:

  • If you are sitting for a painting already in the show you may show up to two minis without additional sitting time

NOTE while you sit, you may display an additional piece of work. Gallery commission still applies.

  • If you elect to sit on a Sunday, that will cover your sitting obligation for one hanging item and/or one or two Minis in the current show.
  • If you need to change a date it is your responsibility to find a substitute.
  • If your date is not kept you will not be able to exhibit the following month. Sitting dates should be during the month of the show.
  • We urge you to visit the gallery ahead of changeover to reserve your sitting date(s).

These commitments are important to the success of our gallery.

Registration, Delivery and Pickup

  • Art should be submitted on changeover day between 9 – 11 am.
  • 2 Registration Forms are to be attached to the back of your art.

First name

Last name




Phone number

Sitting date

  • Art SHOULD be delivered and/or picked up on changeover day.
  • If you need to submit your work early, you must have a sitting date and arrange for delivery/pickup on changeover day. Entry forms must be attached
  • Art brought to gallery early or left behind will be stored at your own risk.

Featured Artists

  • All guidelines apply.
  • You must be a member for at least one year.
  • Additional information will be supplied upon approval.
  • Your label copy needs to be submitted at least ten days prior to show.
  • Your show must be hung the Sunday afternoon before changeover day.
  • You must remove your show promptly Sunday after gallery closes.


  • Demonstrations by artists will attract visitors.
  • The porch and yard are perfect places to give a demonstration.
  • All demos must be scheduled with the Gallery Staffing Manager.
  • Demonstrating artists must provide their own materials and a drop cloth to protect he porch floor.
  • Work sold by demonstrating artist should be processed through the gallery and is subject to the standard commission rate. (See below)


  • The artist receives 65% and SOBA receives 35% of all sales.
  • If, within 60 days, a buyer contacts the artist and purchases a recently exhibited work, the artist is obligated to pay SoBA a 35% commission whether or not the sale is made through SoBA.


The Society of Bluffton Artists, its volunteers, employees, agents or representatives WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE, HOWEVER CAUSED, TO ANY WORK SUBMITTED FOR EXHIBIT.