No Refund Policy

Policy Regarding Monetary Commitment for SoBA Fees involving Workshops, Classes and Rental of Space

Society of Bluffton Artists (SoBA) is a non-profit organization whose operating expenses are defrayed by revenue from its workshop registration fees, memberships, the rental of space in its Creative Center for the Arts just to name a few.

Workshop Registration Fees:

Please be aware that the deadline ​to cancel registrations ​& issue ​re​funds is two weeks ​prior to​ the scheduled class. No refunds ​or credits ​are issued after that​ time.

SoBA not only makes a commitment (time wise and monetarily) to an instructor, but also must often turn away students if the class size maximum has been met. Canceling has negative consequences for instructors, potential students and anticipated revenues.

Rental of Space in the Creative Center for the Arts: Organizations who make a commitment and pay to rent space will not receive a refund if they cancel without ample notice (2 weeks). Once again, canceling last minute deprives SoBA of renting that space to another organization and again impacts our revenue.

Exceptions will be made in the event of illness or a family emergency, however instead of a refund, SoBA reserves the right to credit a workshop registration fee against a future class an individual may wish to take.  There will also be no registration refunds for any other reason such as dissatisfaction with a class, etc as these are subjective criteria for which SoBA cannot be responsible.