Painting “Painterly” with Dan Graziano in January 2020

two halves 7x9

This three-day workshop will focus on painting “alla prima” (all at once) as well as developing greater skills of observation, simplification and quickly painting “wet on wet” to create strong artistic and “painterly” paintings.  Beginning with a brief discussion on oil painting basics (from materials to paint handling), the workshop will also address the fundamentals of color, value, edges, perspective and other “practical” elements related to successful painting.  Participants will work on still life paintings comprising single and multiple objects, as well as painting from photo references.  Instruction will include a short painting demo by Dan each day, with explanation of his process along the way.  Participants will then do multiple timed painting exercises, incorporating the techniques discussed with plenty of one-on-one individual instruction throughout each day.  This workshop is designed for beginning to advanced painters in both acrylic and oil mediums.  Participants are encouraged to bring still life objects and photos to paint from.