Linoleum Printmaking Beginner I — Jan. 21 and 28 with Paige Byrne


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9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. January 21 and 28 • Cost: $120 members, $135 non-members

Soft-Kut linoleum printmaking will cover the basics of carving Linoleum blocks for printmaking. The Linoleum material is much like an eraser so that makes for smooth carving. A selection of linoleum cuts will be provided in sizes 3x3inch, 3inch circle, or 4×6 for participants to choose in planning their completed art piece, which could be pattern or image. The linocut is much like a stamp and can be printed on a white background or a surface designed prior to carving that is drying during the carving process. Participants will have more than one finished art prints along with the lino cut for future printing.

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