SoBA Summer Art Camp for Kids: Passport to Other Cultures


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This year Art Camp 2018 will travel to foreign lands where kids will explore far away places and create a project from that culture. All sessions run from 9 – 11 a.m. each day.

Session I: June 11 – June 15
Mon. June 11 – British Columbia – Totem Poles: In this 2-day project, kids will work in groups to build a totem pole.

Tues. June 12 – Finish totem poles that will be on display in the S.o.B.A. gallery until Fri. June 15.

Wed. June 13 – China – Watercolor Dragons – Kids will learn watercolor techniques and create their own dragon pictures.

Thurs. June 14 – Australia – Bilma Sticks: Learn about and make your own colorful percussion instrument from Australia dating back thousands of years.

Fri. June 15 – Africa – Bogolanfini Mud Cloths: Travel to Africa to discover the “bogolanfini” of Mali and make a traditional mud cloth. Investigate the meaning in the patterns as you design your cloth on paper .

Session II: June 18 – June 22
Mon. June 18 – India – Banyan Tree Paintings: Using a blown ink technique along with pastels and oil crayons, kids will create

and color a Banyan tree with all its majesty and beauty.

Tues. June 19 -Africa – Foil Tooled Masks: African masks have many meanings and uses in the various African cultures. Kids will fashion a relief mask by scribing in metal foil, decorating it and mounting it in a wooden block for display.

Wed. June 20 – Brazil – Birds with Attitude: The colorful birds of South America display a personality in their appearance. Here kids will sculpt a bird from Model Magic that has a personality all its own.

Thurs. June 21 – Japan – Koi Fish: Learn about the legend of the mighty Koi when you travel to Japan and make a Koi from cardboard tubes, paint and cut paper.

Fri. June 22 – Spain – Gaudi Mosaics: Travel to Barcelona to create a mosaic of the characteristic and decorative benches, and buildings that dot the city by famed architect Antonio Gaudi.

Session III: July 9 – July 13
Mon. July 9 – Russia – Domes of St. Basil: Moscow is home to these famous egg shaped, ornate domes on government

buildings. Kids will make a 3-D replica of their own.

Tues. July 10 – Austria – Gustav Klimt and the Tree of Life: A symbol of life and unity the Tree of Life spans many cultures with its decorative surfaces and symbolism. This metallic painting project will mimic the style of this Austrian artist.

Wed. July 11 – Africa – Kente Cloth from Ghana: Kids will weave their own colorful, patterned paper Kente cloth that are worn even today by both men and women of Africa.

Thurs. July 12 – Scandinavia – Journey to Denmark, Sweden and Norway to uncover the legends of the Viking longboats —how they were made and what they were used for. In this 2-day project kids will make and decorate a Viking ship out of cardboard.

Fri. July 13 – Finish longboat project.

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Session 1: June 11-15, Session 2: June 18-22, Session 3: July9-13, All Sessions, Two Sessions