Anita Stephens

Anita Stephen’s paintings are done in the style of the Old Masters in which dark backgrounds were popularly used to vividly highlight subject matter and add a sense of vibrancy to color.

Anita embraces the challenge and excitement of pulling form and shape from shadows into light to create glowing paintings of florals, wildlife and a variety of objects. “There is a point in the painting process that requires a moment of ‘being still,’ a pause – a moment of reflection, that occurs at a certain junction within each piece. It happens right before the light is added when everything still appears dark,” she says. “It is just like a sunrise and it never ceases to amaze me.” Whether her subject is a simple still life or the uncomplicated serenity of a wading bird – Stephen’s paintings have a luminosity and beauty that captivate the viewer.

View more of Anita’s works at: www.anitastephensart.com

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