Bonnie Mason

Landscape and Still life motifs are my passion; the connection to a subject and nature is personal and meaningful. I am an artist guided by what inspires me. My artwork is the result of many workshops and working hard to
develop my technique.

My experience in painting expands over 15 years. My first approach to painting was with the use of watercolor, but was encouraged by an instructor to use oil paints and I fell in love with them. The use of pencil and charcoal was invaluable in training my eye to light and shadow and further studies in Color Theory and Impressionism have molded my style. I can’t help but respect these early studies and resolve the various technical components
in each of my paintings. After I establish the idea for the composition, the painting comes to life with color and the way I treat light and shadow to create depth. I work with oil and pastel and enjoy the unique characteristics of each medium and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite.

For several years I chaired the Arts Program for my community, Spring Island; I coordinated our Visiting Artists Program, art workshops and guest speakers. My volunteerism also extended to the greater community of
Bluffton through the Society of Bluffton Artists. My interest in SoBA is to bring awareness to local talent and to encourage young talent through the SoBA Scholarship Fund. I was impressed with the High School students
and the portfolios we reviewed this year. It was gratifying to acknowledge this talent with our gift of art scholarships. I feel strongly that being an artist requires one to be supportive of talent in the art community, and especially
young talent.

My goals are simple: to see and paint what is significant to me and take joy in discovering new subjects while maintaining a close connection to nature, my best teacher. I hope that you enjoy seeing my show, Color Melange and
come to understand my passion.

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