Murray Sease

Murray Sease is inspired by the vibrant local scene, especially the intense colors of the lowcountry in the summertime. She tries to catch the bustle of the farmers markets and the bountiful produce found there; the historic architecture, lush landscapes, beautiful wildlife, and some not-so-wild life—the odd farm animal and her family’s chickens enjoying the cool shade and dappled sunlight. These feathered ladies are some of her favorite models.

With exuberant brushstrokes and vivid colors, Murray strives for an impressionist feeling in her paintings—subjectively recording experiences by capturing fleeting impressions, emphasizing the immediate aspects of a scene. Winning first prize in the oil painting category at SOBA’s 2014 Annual Judged Show and garnering regional interest in her art, Murray has found new confidence in her work and is excited to share her latest paintings with you.

View more of Murray’s work at her personal website: www.shineonart.com

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