Seascapes, Waves and Sand Dunes Supply List

Materials needed

  • Basic oil paint or acrylic supplies
  • If you have supplies please bring whatever you have to work with. If you need supplies or want to add to what you have
    find the list below helpful .
  • 9×12 canvas panel, or stretched canvas (one for each day)
  • A palette (disposable or traditional)
    When working with palette knife a flat palette is essential, not plastic wells At least six to eight colors plus white (black optional)

If you are purchasing paint I recommend this basic color range:

  • Warm red (leans toward orange)
  • Cool Red (leans toward violet)
  • Warm blue (leans toward violet)
  • Cool Blue (leans toward green)
  • Warm yellow (leans toward orange)
  • Cool yellow (leans toward green)
  • Yellow ochre
  • Burnt sienna

Palette knives in these suggested sizes/shapes:

  • a narrow rectangular shaped knife about 2 inches
  • a diamond shaped knife about 1 inch
  • a long diamond shaped knif about 2 inches


  • Nylon or bristle, bring what you have, or at least
  • large flat #8 or larger
  • a rigger or script liner, #4 or smaller
  • an inexpensive chip painting brush 1/4 inch or larger (optional)

Clean up supplies