Shrimp boats in Watercolor with David Rankin March 2-4

Shrimp Boats Hilton Head

Instructor David Rankin
9 a.m.-4 p.m. March 2,3 4 (with lunch breaks)
Cost: $325 members, $350 non-members

Improve your brush strokes, washes and blends! From reference to sketch to gray study to completed watercolor. Examining how to direct the eye, simplify complicated images, create depth and develop a memorable painting.

About David Rankin:

David Rankin’s painting style is based on what he calls natural abstraction, realistic subjects using abstract design principles that he finds in Nature. His award-winning watercolors are in public and private art collections in the U.S., India, and China, have been featured in more than 150 museum exhibitions, and are included in the North Light’s series, Splash: The Best of Watercolor, and Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing, and in numerous art magazines.

He promotes conservation and appreciation of the natural world through his paintings and has worked with organizations such as the International Crane Foundation, the Wild Bird Society of Japan, the Corporate Conservation Council-Japan and the Smithsonian Institution. He is a Signature Member of the Ohio Watercolor Society, Artists for Conservation, and the Society of Animal Artists where he has served on the board since 1990. David is one of the true modern-day masters of transparent watercolors, exuding a dynamic passion for the medium in his lectures, demonstrations, and workshop instruction. His art reflects his profound passion for both watercolor and nature.

“If you study my paintings closely, you will see what appears as complex detail from a distance, is in fact created from simple brushstrokes using the natural impressionistic roughness of the painting surface to create the illusion of detail and form.

“In my field work, I photograph, sketch with a 9B woodless graphite, and use my i-pad to capture ideas for paintings. I study postures, facial expressions and reflections. In the studio, I use a gray study to evaluate potential subjects. Using Payne’s Grey watercolor allows me to quickly establish a full range of values so I can evaluate the visual impact of an idea.

Nature is my prime instructor with my lifelong yoga practice as the additional support needed to access inspiration. She, as a subject, is too vast for any one artist. Each of us sees and paints only that tiny fragment of her expanse that She deems us worthy of comprehending. For me, it’s always about light and how it flows over form.. As a focus in my work, She is an endless mystery.

David is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art and lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife, Deanna.