“Small, Medium(s), and Large” Featured at Society of Bluffton Artists Gallery in December


Larry Hughes is the December featured artist at the Society of Bluffton Artists (SoBA) gallery.

His show “Small, Medium(s) and Large” will be an exhibit consisting of group works to include Ab-Originals, Southwest Suite, and Cave and Rock Art.  It will be on display from December 11-31. An opening reception is slated for 5-7p.m. Friday, December 15th at the Old Town Bluffton gallery.

Hughes is a self-taught artist who “learned by osmosis” from his mother, Virginia S. Hughes, a fine professional watercolorist who painted for over 80 years. He started painting 11 years ago and today is represented in two galleries and private collections in 8 states.  He has studied with several regional teachers as well.

He is fascinated with and works in various mediums — from crayon art and alcohol inks to watercolor, acrylic, and mixed medium. His work ranges from 2×2 inches to 30×40 inches. Thus the title of the show.

Hughes says he has always had a love/hate relationship with the blank canvas, but the process of creation thrills him every time.  “It’s the way I feel as a writer about staring at a blank page,” said Hughes.

His Cave and Rock Art series allows the viewer to feel the universality of artistic expression stretching back almost 100,000 years. The simplicity, directness, and power of those ancient artists is present in that series.

“I continue to create, work, and play by the credo of ‘be interested and be interesting,’” Hughes said, adding, “I hope to at least make each viewer see something interesting.” 

In addition to his role as a local artist, Hughes is founder of the Lowcountry Oyster Trail (LOT) an experiential tourism, economic development, and environmental initiative. The LOT uses the fun focus of food, drink, adventure and learning to fund the SC Lowcountry Oyster Trail Fund.  The Fund promotes and enhances marine ecological research, analysis and environmental stewardship for the region.