SoBA art instructor featured in Parisian publication

David Rinkin’s art work in India is in “Pratique des Arts” magazine from Paris, France. David is a well-known watercolorist and instructor. His art is inspired by his world travel — with his first experience in the Himalayas of North India in 1970.

Don’t miss David Rinkin’s watercolor class in May

David will teach “Painting the Grand Illusion” May 21-23 at the Center for Creative Arts. The class is for intermediate to advanced. The ability to create a believable illusion of spatial depth with just a little pigment and water has a profound impact in watercolor. It is accomplished through a complex orchestration of several distinct skills, all of which contribute to the perception of spatial depth. These procedures allow the viewer to see distance whether in a landscape or between objects. Depth can be the result of a skillful assembly of values or it can result from the use of correct perspective. It can also be enhanced tremendously by artfully creating a variation in edges and blends or by assembling shapes of varying sizes and relationships. In this workshop, David will train artists in the procedures needed to create and assemble these various visual effects using his step-by-step procedures.