Tra la! It’s May!

The lusty month of May!

That lovely month when ev’ryone goes blissfully astray.

That shocking time of year when tons of wicked little thoughts

Merrily appear!

It’s May! It’s May!

That gorgeous holiday when ev’ry maiden prays that her lad

Will be a cad! It’s mad! It’s gay!

A libelous display! Those dreary vows that ev’ryone takes,

Ev’ryone breaks.

Ev’ryone makes divine mistakes

The lusty month of May!

Whence this fragrance wafting through the air?

What sweet feelings does its scent transmute?

Whence this perfume floating ev’rywhere?

Don’t you know it’s that dear forbidden?

That darling month when ev’ryone throws

Self-control away.

It’s time to do s wretched thing or two,

And try to make each precious day

One you’ll always rue!

It’s May! It’s May!

The month of “yes you may,”

The time for ev’ry frivolous whim, Proper or “im.”

It’s wild! It’s gay! A blot in ev’ry way.

The birds and bees with all of their vast

Amorous past

Gaze at the human race aghast,

That lovely month when ev’ryone goes

Blissfully astray.

That shocking time of year when tons of wicked little thoughts

Merrily appear.

It’s May! It’s May!

Enjoy!!!! — Gayle Miller

Through My Eyes…
Photography Exhibit Show May 1st – June 4th

The Society of Bluffton Artists (SoBA) welcomes featured artist Kendra Natter — whose photography will exhibit from May 1st – June 4th at the SoBA gallery. The Gallery Opening Reception is from 3-5 p.m. Sunday, May 7 at the SoBA gallery, located at 6 Church Street in Old Town Bluffton. These events are free and open to the public.

Through My Eyes… is a reflection of Natter’s ever-evolving photography and digital arts. She is an expert level photographer, who has been an active member of the Camera Club of Hilton Head Island. Her work has been featured in the Hilton Head Library, Osher Life-Long Learning Center, Hilton Head Hospital, the Bluffton Branch Library, Coastal Discovery Museum and the Art League of Hilton Head Island. Natter’s photographs have been awarded 25 ribbons over the past six years in various Camera Club of Hilton Head Island and Tri-Club events and competitions. The natural environment of the Lowcountry has been a regular theme of her work.

Natter is originally from Pennsylvania. She moved to the area 10 years ago. When she is not shooting, Natter spends her time printing and custom framing.

23rd Annual Judged Show — April 2017
Congratulations to all of the winners!

The winners are:

  • Best in Show: Clyde Lohere, Photography, “The Road Home”
  • 2nd Place: Judy Blahut, Acrylic, “Fractured Shells #4”
  • 3rd Place: Cynthia Jones Gross, Oil, “Tidal Tranquility”

Awards of Excellence:

  • Watercolor: Lorraine Mullaney, “Buttercups”
  • Oil: Dennis Lake, “Yellow Gold”
  • Acrylic: Bill Winn, “The Chairs of Coligny”
  • Mixed Medium: Margo Duke, “Bird’s Eye View of Habersham Marsh”
  • Photography: Kendra Natter, “Door to What Once was the Garvin House”
  • 3D: Stu Overton, “Gray Heron”

4th Annual Children’s K-5 Art Expo

Local budding artists in Kindergarten through fifth grade from Bluffton area elementary schools gathered together recently for the 4th Annual Children’s K-5 Art Expo. The exhibit ran from April 18-April 29 at SoBA’s Center for Creative Arts building with an opening reception on Sunday, April 23.

“SoBA is committed to encouraging and promoting young people’s creative art,” said Mary Ann Putzier, an event organizer. “The past shows have been wonderful, well received by the children’s families and the general public.”

Art Teachers in each school are asked to select two art pieces (two-dimension only) from each grade level — a total of 12 pieces — that represent the children’s art and the art program in their schools. To qualify, artwork must be created in a school art class with no hands-on assistance from the teacher. A SoBA representative will collect and return. There is no fee required for this program.

“This gives the children a venue to display their work in a professional setting and brings folks to Bluffton’s Old Town Art District,” Putzier said. “SoBA is pleased to meet so many great (future) artists, families, teachers, friends. Everyone benefits from this collaborative effort.”

My Job at SoBA
Mary Ann Putzier, Recording Secretary for the
Society of Bluffton Artists Board of Directors

My job is to record what transpires at SoBA’s monthly board meetings.

SoBA is a small organization with big ideas and aspirations. Keeping an accurate account of discussions and decisions provides evidence that the board takes its job seriously. SoBA is also a business dependent upon the volunteer efforts of so many. With the strong leadership of the Board of Directors of SoBA the organization will continue to grow and prosper.

Featured Art Calendar for 2017

May 1 – June 4 Kendra Natter

Reception 3-5 pm Sunday May 7

June 5 – July 2 Side By Side

Reception 5-7 pm Friday June 9

July 3 – August 6 Stephen Moscowitz

Reception 5-7 pm Friday July 7

August 7 – Sept 3 Nicholas Di Mona

Reception 5-7 pm Friday August 11

Sept 5 (Tues) – Oct 1 Norma Deal

Reception 5-7 pm Friday September 8

Oct 2 – Nov 5 Pat Diemand

Reception 3-5 pm Sunday October 6

November 6 – December 3 Elizabeth Slater

Reception 3-5 pm Sunday November 10

December 4 – December 31 Larry Hughes

Reception 3-5 pm Sunday December 8

If you are interested in being a featured artist, and fit the criteria outlined in the President’s letter in the September Eclectic, please contact Sandy Rhodes at san[email protected]

Gallery Stats
SoBA Monthly Statistics for March 2017

Gallery Visitors: 2,261

Gallery Register: 384

Art Sales Revenue: $11,454

Class/Workshop Revenue: $4,787.50

Other Income: $4,055.50

Number of Pieces of Art on display: 116 (Plus Featured Artist)

Number of Pieces of Art Sold: 98 including 13 Featured Artists

SoBA Membership: Total 193 Display 132

Reminder from Display Committee:

SoBA is a professional Gallery. PLEASE make sure your frames are in good condition – front and back. Refer to your Guidelines for correct measurements.

J V McKenna, Display Manager

2017-2018 SoBA Board of Directors:

Gayle Miller, President
Nancy Vineburgh, Vice President
Mary Ann Putzier, Recording Secretary
Barbara Fiscarel, Treasurer
Bonnie Riley, Gallery Manager
Chappy Bailey, Membership Chair
Sandy Rhodes, Corresponding Secretary
Jeanne McKenna, Display Manager
Marian Sanders, Member at Large
Steve Moscowitz, Member at Large
Pat Gardiner, Membership at Large
Lin Hilts, Staffing Chair
Sandra Wenig, Center for Creative Arts
Mary Ann Putzier, Center for Creative Arts
Heather Bragg, Newsletter Editor
Norma Deal, Satellite Galleries
Edith Wood, Art Walks
Mary Kay Long, Art Walks
Gaylon Rex Greger, 3D Committee