Waterbase Media Oct. 14-16 with Morten E. Solberg

Caroloina Wren & Yellow Roses 7in 300

Instructor Morten E. Solberg

9 a.m. – 3 p.m. October 14, 15, 16 • Cost $450, member and $475, non-members

This will be a class of waterbase media. We will work at painting in a more experimental direction, landscape, figure & florals & Wildlife etc. I will demonstrate every day. I will be working in watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic, Gesso, and the combination of all of these mediums. I will also demonstrate at artists tables during the afternoon.

Each student may bring 3 pieces of their own work for a class critique if they like. I would like each student to bring something that they have been having problems with that I can paint on for them. This will only work with a 5 day workshop. Bring 1 painting for a 3 or 4 day workshop.


  • Gesso ( about a pint or more) White
  • Permanent white gouache ( I use Winsor & Newton Permanent White )
  • Gouache colors if you have them ( we will use watercolors and permanent white  gouache combined)
  • Watercolors (GOOD, Not student Grade ) In tubes / not dry (Winsor Newton Paynes Gray & Burnt Siena especialy) Good watercolor brushes( Some Flats and some rounds with good points)
  • At least one flat 11/2 in. wide ( I use a 2” flat ) Loew cornell Ulta Rounds and flats
  • Some old brushes for Gesso work ( Gesso will ruin your good Watercolor brushes)
  • Assorted acrylic paints
  • Acrylic Brushes ( At least 1 flat 1in. and some rounds ). For working with Gesso & Acrylic
  • Illustration Board

This is what you get:

  • Crescent ill. Board #5.114.6 Cold Press 20×30 or any of the above. Remember this is an experimental workshop
  • (Optional)  A watercolor Block 140 lb. cold press 9×12,  10×14  or Hot press which is more difficult to work with
  • Water container
  • Possibly a reducing glass ( I work flat most of the time) it allows me to see the whole painting without stepping back)
  • Watercolor Brushes
  • 2” Flat Good Brush
  • Assortment of rounds & Flats, I use Lowe Conell