Welcome Spring, Hello April Showers!

Spring, an opportunity for a new beginning and that opportunity is alive and well at SoBA. The Society of Bluffton Artists invites you to be involved in all aspects of the gallery and the community. There is always assistance needed for change of show, receptions, and more. Let us know when and what you want to do.

We are Celebrating Creativity in the Community.

You can find out all the necessary information on what is happening at SoBA just by visiting the SoBA Website. You may register for the show, the paint out or classes. sobagallery.com.

There is so much available, join in.

— Gayle Miller, Society of Bluffton Artists, President


Annual Bluffton Old Town Paint Out is On!

Saturday, April 22 from 10 am – 4 pm artists are invited to break out their paintbrushes and sun hats for this fun plein air painting event taking place in Bluffton.

The entry fee is $20 in advance and $25 walk up.

Register for the event below. Once you register you will be redirected to make the payment online. If you prefer to pay with a check, make the check out to SoBA and drop it off at the gallery.

Artists, check in at the event tent on the corner of Calhoun and Lawrence Streets between 10 am and 1 pm and then off to paint at one of the picturesque settings in beautiful old town Bluffton.

Artists and visitors are invited to gather at the event tent at 4 pm for judging, viewing and awards – cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

My Job at SoBA
Jeanne McKenna, Display Manager

The position of the Display Manager is to see that SoBA’s Guidelines for showing members art in the SoBA Gallery are followed, within reason. Most important is that the Art be created solely by the artist. I guide the Display Team at each Change of Show in the placement of all the beautiful pieces of art that the SoBA artists present. Our goal is to show the art in the best possible arrangement given the surroundings and make the gallery appear aesthetically pleasing to our visitors.

But, your role is very key to the gallery presentation:

Display Criteria for Art and Photography

In order to hang on gallery walls the following size limits must be followed.

Prior shown paintings and/or photography should not be reentered into a monthly show at least for 6 months after its first showing.

All painting and photography must be professionally presented, clean and properly framed. The top, bottom and sides of Gallery Wrapped Canvas must be finished and painted to compliment the painting.

Depth of Gallery Wrapped Canvas must be at least 1 1/4” deep.

Each piece of artwork must be framed using hardware with eye screws mounted into the frame 1/3 of the way down and pulled tight across. No saw tooth hangers can be used. Incorrectly mounted work cannot be accepted for entry into shows.

Wall Art: Maximum size is 36 x 40” Minimum size is 8 X 10”
Mini Art: Maximum size for Minis is 8 x 8”


SoBA Featured Artist 2018
Have You Got What it takes to be a Featured Artist?

The Featured Artist Calendar for 2018 is open and ready for you to make the commitment and step into the spot light.


Have a full year membership and experience as a displaying member of SoBA.

If you would like to do a joint show that is possible. Find an artist that you are very comfortable and compatible with in personality and art. Both artist must be members of SoBA and meet the criteria in point number . A joint show brings in a larger audience, expenses are shared.

Find a theme that shows your style and technique in the best light and is broad enough to catch SoBA’s customers’ attention.

Have a major inventory ready to show at least six weeks before the date of your show. Have enough to bring in replacements when pieces sell.

Bring color and life to the room that you show your art, presentation is everything

Build promotional material using ideas and pictures of your art.

Network in every format possible to promote your show.

Price your art to sell.

Be ready to staff the gallery at least four times in the weeks that your show is on display.

Past Featured Artists are a good resource to know what worked best, ask questions.

Hang your art the Sunday afternoon before change of show of the month you are Featured Artist after 3:00P.M. Remove your art before 3:00 P.M. the Sunday afternoon before the next Featured Artist Show

Plan your opening reception:

If you are comfortable that you can meet all the Featured Artist Criteria put a plan together, let us know what month (give us more than once option) you would like your show and your name will be put in place.

It’s a wonderful experience, take the step.

How are your art sales?

I shared these thoughts with you last summer, it’s time to review what’s happening in your art sales again. We’ve just finished the first quarter of 2017are your art sales on track for what you hoped to achieve this year? Did you set a goal?

If you are not where you hoped you would be review some of things you are doing to promote yourself and the creative work you do.


  1. Network with friends, family, associates and other artists that you are an artist, the type of art you do and where you show your art. Promote the gallery and you promote yourself.
  2. Write yourself a fun short bio that you put on the back of each painting and print you show. And, make sure it is in the binder of the gallery.
  3. Let people who buy your art know who you are so they may brag and tell others about you. People love to share, give then them opportunity.
  4. Share your successes on Social Media. You do have a Facebook Page, right?
  5. Always make the full presentation of your art piece ready to go into a customer’s home, the back wiring and finish need to be quality.
  6. If your pricing isn’t working, change it. Begin reasonable, as your following grows increase your prices.
  7. Join more than one gallery, each gallery has a different audience. What doesn’t sell at SoBA may sell at the Art League of Hilton Head.
  8. If you mat your paintings try not to overwhelming the piece with color. It’s the painting that should grab the viewers eye not the mat.
  9. Do you know some customers will actually not buy a painting if the frame puts them off? Choose your framing carefully, get a return on that investment.
  10. Exchange ideas, questions and information with artist that you respect, build fun resources.
  11. Be a proactive as you can be, a huge inventor of art in your garage is not a good thing
  12. ART ON………………………..
    — Gayle Miller, The Society of Bluffton Artists

Gallery Stats
SoBA Monthly Statistics for February 2017

Gallery Visitors: 2,290
Gallery Register: 416
Art Sales Revenue: $6,466
Class/Workshop Revenue: $2,415
Wine/Art Event: $7,200 (profit)
Other Income: $67
Number of Pieces of Art on Display: 114 (Plus Featured Artist)
Number of Pieces Sold: 83 including 50 Featured Artist Sales
Number of Artists that Sold Art: 13
SoBA Membership: 193 Display 132

Reminder from Display Committee:

SoBA is a professional Gallery. PLEASE make sure your frames are in good condition – front and back. Refer to your Guidelines for correct measurements.

— J V McKenna, Display Manager


2017-2018 SoBA Board of Directors:

Gayle Miller, President
Nancy Vineburgh, Vice President
Mary Ann Putzier, Recording Secretary
Barbara Fiscarel, Treasurer
Bonnie Riley, Gallery Manager
Chappy Bailey, Membership Chair
Sandy Rhodes, Corresponding Secretary
Jeanne McKenna, Display Manager
Marian Sanders, Member at Large
Steve Moscowitz, Member at Large
Pat Gardiner, Membership at Large
Lin Hilts, Staffing Chair
Sandra Wenig, Center for Creative Arts
Mary Ann Putzier, Center for Creative Arts
Stephanie Putich, Newsletter Editor
Norma Deal, Satellite Galleries
Edith Wood, Art Walks
Mary Kay Long, Art Walks
Gaylon Rex Greger, 3D Committee