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Change of Show at the SOBA Gallery – What is it and how does it work?

The Society of Bluffton Artists – SOBA Gallery

Are you a beginner or advanced artist? Have you thought about joining The Society of Bluffton Artist? Are you nervous about exhibiting at the SOBA Gallery? Here are some answers to your questions.

Some of the frequently asked questions can be found here. https://sobagallery.com/soba-members/soba-membership-opportunities/

But what happens when you bring your work of art to be exhibited on the change of show day?

This is the day that our members pick up their pieces that were exhibited the previous month and drop off their new art for the next month.

We make it easy. Exhibiting artists bring their art to the SOBA Art School at 8 Church Street in Old Town Bluffton.

Or if there is a class at the Art School your check-in might happen on the Gallery Porch.

The first face you will see is Lin Hilts, SOBA Staffing Manager. She will check you in.

Sitting next to Lin Hilts is Gloria Owens.  Gloria inputs the information about the artwork into Square.  She can assist members with using the Square Terminal at the gallery and is friendly and approachable.

Gloria can help with Square issues that may arise when you are staffing, including processing payments, providing receipts, or troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

What you Need to Know 

Wall Display Tags

Society of Bluffton Artist Change of Show Day

Information for the wall display tag must be emailed to SOBA prior to change of show day and contain your art piece information. Members receive an email with information needed for the tag and the day the information is due.

These tags are created by SOBA based on the information you provide. Find your tag on the table (see red arrow) as you come into the SOBA Art School building. Check your tag to make sure the information is correct. 

Put tag on your art work. The display team will place next your piece.

The wall display tag is placed next to your art after it is hung in the gallery.

You Need Two Registration Identifier Tags

Display guideline information is on our website. https://sobagallery.com/soba-members/

The registration identifier tags can be downloaded from https://sobagallery.com/soba-members/

One is put on the back of your work and the other is handed to Lin Hilts when you check-in.

After check-in, your art, with registration identifier tags on the back, will be moved to the gallery by our display team, led by Pat Diemand.  

Voila! Now you can relax. You are an exhibiting artist at SOBA.