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A Guide to Your Successful Membership

SOBA Member Artist Guidelines

SOBA Member Artist Guidelines

SOBA reserves the right to judge whether art is appropriate…
Society of Bluffton Artist Bylaws

Society of Bluffton Artist Bylaws

(Revised/Amended October, 2020) ARTICLE I NAME Section I – Name…
Contact Information

Contact Information

Board of Directors, 2021-2022 President: Marie Burgeson, 843-816-3776, [email protected] President:…
Shift Duties - Check Lists

Shift Duties - Check Lists

Download a PDF of the check lists here. Morning Shift…

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Display Guidelines

Exhibiting artists who register as a Photographer may only display photography.

Exhibiting artists who register in other mediums may not display photography.

Artists who wish to display both art and photography must pay for 2 individual memberships. If you are staffing the gallery, you must staff the gallery 1 time for each staffing month.

Paintings must be completely dry, not wet or tacky either on the surface or edges of the piece.

Staffers may submit 2 pieces each month. Non-staffers may submit 1 piece each month.

If a piece does not sell, it cannot be displayed again for three months.

There must be 3 months between exhibiting the same piece of wall art or 3-D.

Wall Art



Unframed Wall Art

Bin Art

SOBA is not responsible for lost or damaged art work.

WORK LEFT AT SOBA FOR MORE THAN 30 DAYS becomes the sole property of the gallery. SOBA will make reasonable attempts to contact the owner of artwork left over 30 days. If the art is still not picked up, it will be disposed of in a manner decided upon by SOBA.

Change of Show Registration Forms

Bin Art Labels

Bin Art List Forms

Here's what you can expect.

Each month, SOBA gallery changes over to display new artwork from select member artists. The honor of being Featured Artist is awarded by the Board to members who have indicated they are interested in being chosen, who have been a member for at least a year, who have consistently exhibited excellent work in the gallery and who have participated in events and projects to support SOBA’s work.

Artist members should contact the Vice President who is the board liaison for Featured Artist Exhibits with their wish to be chosen. The liaison will be responsible for all arrangements.  Your expense will include the cost of your reception and posters and cards, SOBA pays for advertising, videos  and press releases. We welcome your interest.

How Featured Artist Exhibits are Promoted

The Featured Artist exhibits are heavily promoted by a professional marketing agency — including:

Featured Artists are responsible for the costs of holding the reception and having the marketing materials printed.

Upcoming Exhibits