The Society of Bluffton Artists

For Jeanine Potter, art always was and is an integral part of her being.

Eclectic life experiences, diverse skills and disciplines acquired on her life path influence her art as part and parcel of her multifaceted spirit. Her art is as multifaceted as she is: photography, painting, wearable jewel art, writing. Rich, vibrant color, texture, expressive movement, enthusiasm and touches of humor are properties of her work.

She enjoys seeing what emerges onto the canvas from her intuition. She creates by letting the process unfold, through exploration, experimentation, and just doing it.

She enjoys the freedom, immediacy, and flexibility of acrylics; the ability to build layers, create depth and intricate texture as quickly as the process flows, with occasional additions of pencil, ink, pastel, crayon, collage and other media.

Landscapes are abstractions of her photographs with a twist. They aim to express a feeling as well as an image.

Still Lifes: fanciful florals. The viewer is teased to discover whatever surprise images they can perceive.

Pure Abstracts: Permission taken that “anything goes!” The title often challenges the viewer as much as the piece itself. All are celebrations of spontaneity, color and humor. In some instances, she will include an original poem with a painting, a further opportunity for reflection.

Jeanine believes art enriches and completes our daily existence both for the artist and viewer. It can lighten the heart, energize the spirit, inspire, comfort, and quiet. Opportunities to discover and nurture creativity are there for anyone. She encourages everyone to choose to look and give themselves permission to try.

“Don’t think, Paint! Let the process flow and keep judgement and doubt out of the way.”