The Society of Bluffton Artists

Growing up in Northern Virginia, Rick always loved to draw. He would draw in pencil and charcoal different scenes and characters. Never having the time to pursue the arts he loved, he drew when he could. He eventually was accepted as a student to a premiere artist in Northern Virgina. Under the tutelage of Mary Riley, an award-winning portrait artist, he worked on furthering and developing the skills needed as an artist. He worked with Ms. Riley for 8 years in the medium of oil. When Rick retired, he decided to foster his love of the arts while traveling in an RV. However, traveling in an RV was not conducive to being a painter, but he was able to meet other artists and study different mediums.  Now as a retiree living in the beautiful low country, Rick now spends more time indulging in his passion and is excited to be a proud member of SOBA. His works are on display in private and public settings from Massachusetts to Florida and from Maryland to Minnesota. This has encouraged Rick to bring his works to the SOBA Gallery.

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