Loosen Up with a Palette Knife with Jim Lewis


Instructor James Lewis
February 23, 2018   9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Member: $75    Non-Member: $90

Jim will teach how to paint with palette knife in oil or acrylic. We will investigate the basics of color mixing, value and perspective, with only simple drawing required. Relying on the palette knife will be an opportunity to loosen up, simplify and let color and expression make the statement. Beginner to advanced levels are welcome.  

Supply list includes:

  • Basic oil paint or acrylic supplies
  • 9×12 canvas panel or stretched canvas
  • Flat palette (disposable or traditional — not a plastic palette with wells)
  • At least six to eight colors , plus white (black optional)
  • If you are purchasing paint, recommended basic color range include: warm red (more toward orange), cool red (more toward violet), warm blue (more toward violet), cool blue (more toward green), warm yellow (more toward orange), cool yellow (more toward green), yellow ocher, burnt sienna
  • Clean-up supplies: paper towels, water container (for acrylics), paint thinner or mineral spirits for oils with a sealable container

Jim is represented by several galleries along the East Coast and Florida. He has taught for 10 years at the university level.

For more information, visit http://jnlewisart.weebly.com.