The Society of Bluffton Artists

Margi Smith – “Wonder Filled Wanderings”

Monday October 2, 2023 – Sunday October 29, 2023

Opening Reception, meet the artist October 3rd at the gallery from 5-7pm
Event open to the public

“Painting is an intuitive process for me. Color and form appear and take shape as the process unfolds. Being unafraid of the messy middle allows the painting to take on a life of its  own, living on in the canvas, telling the story again in new ways to its viewers.” 

“My inspiration is to make the world a happier place by adding color and forms that shape nature’s beauty, and making thought provoking pieces to wake up the senses and dust off the dread and negativity in the world and the freedom to play with paint!”

My  Techniques

I start with acrylic paints and just keep layering by using many different tools to apply the paint. I have been known to grab oil pastels, pencils, hardware tools, water bottles, string, scrapers, pretty much anything that makes an interesting mark, to get the painting to make the statement I am trying to convey.

I am inspired by the magic moments that happen in nature, with the movement of applied paint, when we don’t even notice until we step back and really look, allowing ourselves to understand the seen and unseen. Those are the moments that sparkle with enchantment; when we stop and see what is in front of us. I explore the journey of the environment around me that I call home and the magic that a place or time brings- a recognition of beauty amidst chaos. The shared moments with people and places I love that define my life’s experience. My goal is to enjoy the journey and bring that joy onto the canvas. To be patient and build upon the layers. The surface telling one story and the layers bringing in the history of the place and feelings they emit.

If I can bring joy to a canvas and have someone experience their own sense of joy, playfulness or whatever is going on with them at that moment, I have captured the moment and got the viewer to feel something inside. To see within while looking without. It’s an internal journey, once explored will forever change you.

Sometimes we look, but it takes time for us to see. I like to challenge my viewer to feel something deep inside themselves each time they look at the piece. By capturing moments of beauty through art, my goal is to bring joy into every space through expressive abstraction.

Painting is an intuitive process for me. Color and form appear and take shape as the process unfolds. My work takes on a history and story that is told and shared through the many layers of paint and marks made. Being unafraid of the “Messy Middle’ allows my paintings to take on a life of their own. Each piece reflects my mood and the feeling I wanted to express at the time; living on the canvas and telling a different story, a very personal story to those who spend time with each work.

Many of the pieces in the series are influenced by my walks through beautiful country roads with dear friends. I hope to reflect the love of friendship, the bonds of shared roots and the beauty of nature.

You can also find my work by following me on Instagram; @MargiSmithArtWorks or going to my website; https://www.MargiSmithArtWorks.com

Margi has a minor in studio art from Skidmore College, attended Squam Art Workshops and online classes to find her creative tribe. She has a studio in Topsfield, MA and in Bluffton, SC.  Margi has been an exhibiting member of SOBA Gallery in Bluffton since 2021  where she currently shows and sells her work.