The Society of Bluffton Artists

Haldora Presents “Myriad of Visual Expressions”

The SOBA Featured Art Exhibit Will Run Aug 7 - September 3
with an opening reception from 5-7 p.m. August 10

“Art is an intuitive part of my life that feeds my soul”.

Haldora is a contemporary artist. Her love for nature and old-world antiquities inspires her art from a raw childlike vision, impressionism, and abstract.

“Creating is my passion, it’s in my art, my designs, and my vision. It floats in my mind ‘s inner world and dreams as it melts into my daily life. Colors and textures inspire my visual sensitivities as I allow my intuition to guide me. I look for beauty in imperfections, appreciate primitive culture and the simplicity of style.”

Haldora’s lifetime spent exploring art visually filters into a creative lifestyle. Her visionary sense and passion to create manifests in an eclectic style. across different mediums.

Self-taught, she has explored various forms of artist expression Including, fiber arts, fashion design, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, and oils. Her current focus is on oils and occasionally acrylics.

Haldora’s Icelandic and European heritage and family craftsmanship helped mold her vision, which inspired her attention to detail that set her standards high. “My grandmother was an impeccable seamstress, my grandfather a precise woodworker, father an accomplished builder and mother a wildly imaginative painter.

Semi-retired since 2021 from a career in fashion design, retail, and merchandising she relocated from Rhinebeck, New York to the Low Country of South Carolina. She still creates her signature, sought after “Orchard Shirt”, minimalist and classic, with timeless sophistication, featured, with her paintings on her website Haldora.com.

Haldora has taken open studio groups at the Woodstock School of Art in Woodstock, NY and Soba Gallery in Bluffton, SC. She has studied with Dan Graziani, Mary Ann Browning Ford, Missy Gentile and others.

She is the featured artist at Soba Gallery August 2023.
She is an exhibiting member of the Art League of Hilton Head.
She is also featured in the artisan gallery 100 Main owned by world renowned decorator Bunny Williams in Falls Village, Ct.