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Savannah Kemper Presents “Colors of the World”

Savannah Kemper Presents “Colors of the World”

Reception: Sunday, June 7th 5-7pm

Savannah is a senior International Business and Italian major at Clemson University. Thanks to her family embracing the beauty of the world and traveling from a young age, Savannah got her first camera as a Christmas present when she was 11. Since then, she has developed her eye for the unique colors and textures of the beautiful planet we share. She calls herself an opportunistic photographer, meaning that she does not go looking for the images she takes rather capturing things that stand out to her as she sees them. With a natural-born curiosity and appreciation for the outdoors, most of her photos feature elements of the natural world. She also has an eye for the interesting and puts it to use, allowing her to capture images of bustling cities and the beauty around her.

“I exclusively print on aluminum and acrylic because I find that those mediums best maintain the clarity and sharpness of my images as most of my work is highly detailed. I also am partial to the more modern feel of acrylic and aluminum prints.”

“With my father having grown up on a ranch in Texas he was very in tune with nature, and I think he definitely instilled that love and appreciation for the outdoors in me.

I grew up being taught how significant the world outside our homes was and that’s why I find my work more often reflecting my travels rather than where I live because whenever I travel somewhere I’m always trying to take in all the details.

I find that often in photography because of the ability to use such advanced editing software that the magnificence of color produced by nature can be lost. That is why I strive to only edit my photos to truly reflect what my eyes saw as sometimes cameras fail to capture how it truly looked so I am proud to say that I barely edit my images, only adjusting them to be what my eyes saw through the lens.”