The Society of Bluffton Artists

SOBA Member Artist Guidelines

SOBA reserves the right to judge whether art is appropriate for display and meets the Gallery Display Guidelines.

  • PLEASE REGISTER YOUR PIECE(S) AT LEAST 5 DAYS PRIOR TO CHANGE OF SHOW by emailing the following information to Karen Russell at [email protected] : Your name, title of work, medium, size, price, & your phone number. This allows us to print the wall tags in a timely manner.
  • Maximum size is 36″ x 40″ including frame
  • Minimum size is 8″ x 8″ including frame
  • Maximum weight is 12 lbs
  • All WALL ART exhibiting members may submit one piece each month, regardless of staffing status.
  • Two (2) Change of Show forms must be attached to all pieces of art.
  • Art is to be delivered and/or picked up on change of show day between 9-11 AM.
  • Change of show is the first Monday of most months. Drop off and pickup is 9-11 am.
  • If you need to submit your work early, you must have a sitting date and arrange for delivery/pickup on change of show day.
  • The Society of Bluffton Artists, its volunteers, employees, agents or representatives will not be responsible for any loss or damage, however caused, to any work submitted for exhibit.
  • When the art piece sells it may be replaced in the same spot the remainder of the show with proper notification to the people responsible for recording the inventory.
  • Staffing members must staff the gallery 1/2 day a month when they are exhibiting.
  • Art must not have been exhibited at SOBA within the last three (3) months.
  • Exhibiting artists should provide an artist’s Biography to be placed in the “Artists Profile” binder.
  • Exhibiting artists may also submit their bio and a photograph of their work to be listed in our online directory of artists.
  • Art brought to gallery early or left behind will be stored at your own risk.
  • Anything remaining in the gallery or SOBA Art School after 30 days will be disposed of.

Framing Guidelines

For complete guidelines for Gallery wrapped art and requirements for framed art go to this link: FORMS AND LABELS.
SoBA member information https://sobagallery.com/soba-members/

Bin Art and Cards


  • The artist receives 65% and SoBA receives 35% of all sales.
  • If, within 60 days, a buyer contacts the artist and purchases a recently exhibited work, the artist is obligated to pay SoBA a 35% commission whether or not the sale is made through SoBA.

Gallery Staffing Obligations

  • One half day per month that you have items on display as described below:
    • Each framed or gallery wrapped artwork
    • Three dimensional art (clay, wood, glass or metal)
    • Note: while you staff, you may display an additional piece of your work on an easel. If that piece sells gallery commission applies. (65% artist 35% SoBA).
    • If you need to change a staffing date it is your responsibility to find a substitute.
    • If your date is not kept you will not be able to exhibit the following month.
    • Staffing dates should always be during the month of the show.
    • We urge you to visit the gallery ahead of changeover to reserve your sitting date.
    • If vacancies appear in the show schedule the staffing manager will contact staffer to fill those empty spots.
    • These commitments are important to the success of our gallery.

Featured Artists

  • You must be an active SOBA display member for at least a full membership year of display experience at SOBA. You’ll need to demonstrate a commitment to the organization by volunteering for a committee or an event.
  • The board of directors will designate the candidates for the honor of Featured Artist.
  • Additional information will be supplied upon approval.


  • Demonstrations by artists are a great idea and will attract visitors. The porch and yard are perfect places to give a demonstration.
  • All demos must be scheduled.
  • Demonstrating artists must provide their own materials and a drop cloth to protect the porch floor.
  • Work sold by demonstrating artist must be processed through the gallery and is subject to the standard commission rate. 65% artists/35% SoBA and Cards