The Society of Bluffton Artists

SOBA Member Artist Guidelines

SOBA reserves the right to judge whether art is appropriate for display and meets the Gallery Display Guidelines.

  • PLEASE REGISTER YOUR PIECE(S) AT LEAST 5 DAYS PRIOR TO CHANGE OF SHOW by emailing the following information to Karen Russell at [email protected] : Your name, title of work, medium, price, & your phone number. This allows us to print the wall tags in a timely manner.
  • Maximum size is 36″ x 40″ including frame
  • Minimum size is 8″ x 8″ including frame
  • Maximum weight is 12 lbs
  • All WALL ART exhibiting members may submit one piece each month, regardless of staffing status.
  • Two (2) Change of Show forms must be attached to all pieces of art.
  • Art is to be delivered and/or picked up on change of show day between 9-11 AM.
  • Change of show is the first Monday of most months. Drop off and pickup is 9-11 am.
  • If you need to submit your work early, you must have a sitting date and arrange for delivery/pickup on change of show day.
  • The Society of Bluffton Artists, its volunteers, employees, agents or representatives will not be responsible for any loss or damage, however caused, to any work submitted for exhibit.
  • When the art piece sells it may be replaced in the same spot the remainder of the show with proper notification to the people responsible for recording the inventory.
  • Staffing members must staff the gallery 1/2 day a month when they are exhibiting.
  • Art must not have been exhibited at SOBA within the last three (3) months.
  • Exhibiting artists should provide an artist’s Biography to be placed in the “Artists Profile” binder.
  • Exhibiting artists may also submit their bio and a photograph of their work to be listed in our online directory of artists.
  • Art brought to gallery early or left behind will be stored at your own risk.
  • Anything remaining in the gallery or CCA after 30 days will be disposed of.


  • The artist receives 65% and SoBA receives 35% of all sales.
  • If, within 60 days, a buyer contacts the artist and purchases a recently exhibited work, the artist is obligated to pay SoBA a 35% commission whether or not the sale is made through SoBA.

Gallery Staffing Obligations

  • One half day per month that you have items on display as described below:
    • Each framed or gallery wrapped artwork
    • Three dimensional art (clay, wood, glass or metal)
    • Note: while you staff, you may display an additional piece of your work on an easel. If that piece sells gallery commission applies. (65% artist 35% SoBA).
    • If you need to change a staffing date it is your responsibility to find a substitute.
    • If your date is not kept you will not be able to exhibit the following month.
    • Staffing dates should always be during the month of the show.
    • We urge you to visit the gallery ahead of changeover to reserve your sitting date.
    • If vacancies appear in the show schedule the staffing manager will contact staffer to fill those empty spots.
    • These commitments are important to the success of our gallery.

Featured Artists

  • You must be an active SOBA display member for at least a full membership year of display experience at SOBA. You’ll need to demonstrate a commitment to the organization by volunteering for a committee or an event.
  • The board of directors will designate the candidates for the honor of Featured Artist.
  • Additional information will be supplied upon approval.


  • Demonstrations by artists are a great idea and will attract visitors. The porch and yard are perfect places to give a demonstration.
  • All demos must be scheduled.
  • Demonstrating artists must provide their own materials and a drop cloth to protect the porch floor.
  • Work sold by demonstrating artist must be processed through the gallery and is subject to the standard commission rate. 65% artists/35% SoBA