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Where Do You Paint? Artists Work Spaces & Studios

Ann Hyde, Marketing Director, SOBA

It is always fun for artists to see where other artists create. Our SOBA gallery artists have such unique and diverse studios! It’s amazing to see the range of creative spaces where these talented artists bring their visions to life.

Each artist’s studio seems to reflect their individual style and personality. It’s fascinating how the workspace can be such a powerful source of inspiration.

It’s fascinating how the workspace can be such a powerful source of inspiration. They range from calm and soothing to bright and fun. Some are in the kitchen. Some are outside. Some are in a guest room or loft. You can make art anywhere.

If you love these spaces visit the Artists Directory to learn more about the artists and their creative processes. https://sobagallery.com/directory-soba_artists/

Marie Burgeson

Marie’s studio is filled with the artists’ friend, natural light from a large window next to her creative space. In the soft, diffused light her studio comes to life. Marie’s loft studio is a welcoming and inspirational place for her.

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A before look at Ginny’s studio.

Then the after. Isn’t this just what most of our studios look like in the heat of creating?

Virginia Cassidy – “Here are the before and after pics of my studio!”

What a fun place to create her colorful and imaginative paintings. Out of Ginny’s creative chaos comes amazing paintings.

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Pat Diemand

Don’t you just love the rug? Pat has a spacious studio and a great working space with large tables and room to store her materials.

Lucky lady. Storage is often in short supply for many artists.

It’s clear that Pat has some impressive organizational skills to match her creative process.

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Mason Engler

“This is my current studio while I’m home from college during the summer. It is on my parents’ screened-in back porch, surrounded by plants. This area encourages my inspiration and allows me to be pretty messy and spontaneous while painting.” 

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Leslie Gayle

Artists need to create, and don’t need a dedicated space. Artists around the world make art in non-traditional spaces like Leslie. Whether it’s in a corner to catch that perfect light flowing in or in a kitchen. Creativity happens everwhere.

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“Art is an intuitive part of my life that feeds my soul”.

Contemporary artist, Haldora surrounds herself with things that inspire her in her welcoming and efficient studio. Her studio is like a treasure trove of creativity, with each corner holding a different artistic gem.

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Jean Macaluso – “This is a new studio for me, and it is quite a bit smaller than my previous studio/gallery, but I’ve made it work by being very organized and efficient. The sky light adds plenty of natural light plus I’ve added overhead specialty lights for true color while painting.”

Dianne Mertins

“My studio is most definitely my happy place where I find peace and tranquility, allowing my passion for putting brush to canvas and creating a depiction of God’s amazing creation.”

Emotions play a big part in the creative life of artists. Dianne has created the perfect space for her artistic life.

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Barbara Pecce

Watercolorist and instructor, Barbara’s studio reflects her personality, quiet and calm. She has created a sanctuary for her art. She also has the right idea, paint while having a delicious meal and wine.

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